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Bongtech Solutions provides high-security Website Maintenance Service in Kolkata. Every medium-sized business owner wants to keep their website up-to-date and secure. From checking site speed to maintaining website data and many more things, all come under this service.

Website maintaining service

Website Maintenance

Maintaining your website means keeping it up-to-date, whether through the insertion and deletion of notifications and news or the publication of routine blogs. Our website maintenance team includes web developers and graphic designers who can assist with all of your website maintenance requirements. A website that is dead is of no use, by hiring us with an AMC, we will keep your website updated and vibrant. As a website maintenance company in Kolkata, we collaborate with several website owners, including small business owners, medium-sized companies, and large organizations. We can assist you with changing banners, adding new images to the picture gallery, or updating contact information if you have a small static HTML website without a CMS. You can hire us on an annual maintenance contract even if you run a large business with your own staff or maintain an e-commerce website. Our skilled web designers and website maintenance specialists can assist you with continuing blog writing and content addition, regular banner development, product uploads, and product descriptions. Get a Free Quote- Click here


If a website is not maintained, several negative consequences can arise over time. There are some potential issues that may occur when a website is neglected, such as loading speed, broken links, decreased search engine ranking, content not being updated, spam flow, and many other things. Website maintenance is essential to keep a site running smoothly, securely, and effectively. To avoid these problems, it's crucial to prioritize regular website maintenance.